About Us

Poor spiders can get bored during the winter time, stuck indoors hibernating all season while watching us humans participating in the best winter sports. Well, we’re sick of our eight-legged friends missing out on all the frosty action! That’s why we designed Spider Gliders. Eight specially designed ice skates for arachnids. 

Custom Spidey Styles

Whether you’re a narrow footed Daddy Long Leg or a flat-footed Tarantula, our Spider Gliders comes in all shapes and sizes for every member of the arachnid family. 

Spider Glider Sundays

Spider Gliders hosts a special ice skating event every Sunday of the winter season! Bring out all your legs for an afternoon of special spider skating! Closed off from humans to avoid another Ted the Tarantula incident. R.I.P. Ted. We know you’re looking down on us from heaven’s web.